Talking Stories Are They Worth It?

Lucy Gray

Right. Talking instagram stories. They're one of the hardest things for me to do in my small business. Contrary to popular belief, I really, really don't like the sound of my own voice. Which, to my friends, family and pretty much anybody who knows me will come as a surprise because they all know that I can talk for England. Sit me down next to almost anyone and I will be able to find something to talk about (this has come from years of hospitality work where you need to find conversation with everyone!). Sit me in my room alone attempting to talk to my phone with no one there? Absolutely not. I cringe, I can't think of things to say, my hands decide to go mad and won't stay still (now i've told you that you won't be able to un-see it in my next video, sorry not sorry x). 

Yet every week I'll sit down and have a good chat (to my phone). Why? Because you guys like it! You guys want to hear whats going on. It's such a good way to interact with your followers, potential customers and people you just won't get a chance to ever have a proper chat with. 

Yes, they're very cringe worthy to you, and maybe to your friends and family who know you very well. My friends will often tease me about them, or respond to something like is that really true? Obviously the person sat behind the camera is going to be slightly different to the one they all know and love, but you have to remind yourself are you doing it for them or for the people who don't know you?

I get so many responses from the videos (a lot asking where I get my clothes from, which I always find as a compliment!), they're a great way to quickly let people know whats coming up next, what you're up to and it makes it personal. It shows what a small business is. I'm a one gal band, it really is just me, and doing my talking videos shows that. Just me and my art supplies and my computer. Bumbling my way through. 

Here's some things to make them a little less painful:

1. Have a rough idea about what you're going to talk about, I chose Monday as my day to do one, purely because I have that day off from my day job, but it is a good way to start the week and fill people in on what has happened the previous week.

2. Choose a place with good lighting and where you feel comfortable. You won't be happy attempting to do a talking story in your living room with your friends and family laughing at you behind the phone.

3. Don't worry about it not being perfect, natural conversation has a lot of ums and ahs in it, so it's totally normal to do that in your stories too. You are your harshest critic so what you see will be different to what others see. That piece of fly away hair you are scrutinising? They can't see it, I promise.

4. Have fun! Say what you want to, throw in a funny story, be honest - because at the end of the day people want to see that you're just like everyone else. Human. 

You've got this, and once you're over the first few cringey ones it does get a little easier! There will be outtakes and videos of you going "arghh what am I saying?" but thats all apart of the fun.

Just started your talking story journey? Let me know how you're getting on! 

Lots of love DL xxx

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