Shouldn't You Get A Proper Job? For all of you chasing your dreams.

Lucy Gray

I often get the line “You alright Lucy? You got yourself a real job yet?” or “About time you use that degree isn’t it?”

Which always makes me want to reply “and what do you mean by REAL?”.

I think often we are conditioned to believe that a ‘real’ job is a 9-5 office job, one where you have a salary, pension, one where you pop out quickly to have a coffee and get an hour for a lunch break - and yes that is a real job.

However we are at a time where so many people chase this idea, then eventually find out that this concept of a ‘real’ job doesn’t belong in their life.

As a 25 year old graduate, who still lives at home and has multiple jobs,I am under so much pressure handed out by society to make decisions and gain a ‘real’ job. When in reality the truth is that there are no rules here. Success is something that is highly subjective.

To me, success is not lots of money, or being the boss. Success is happiness, and enjoying what you are doing - and this varies from person to person!

I have friends who milk cows for a living, who are butlers (yep that’s a real job!), I have friends who live in London and work for big companies like Sky and Mars, and friends who spend hours in tractors in order to get the harvest in on time. I have friends who have been travelling the world for years, friends who own their own home and friends who still live with their parents.

Whether you have a comfortable salary or whether you are on minimum wage, full-time or part time, hospitality/retail or office jobs. It does not matter. What matters is that you are happy and doing what YOU want to do. It is your life and no one else’s.
So next time you use or anyone else uses the phrase ‘Real Job’ have a think to yourself what exactly does a real job look like.

Lots of love DL x

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  • Amy on

    This was lovely to read Lucy and I completely agree! As someone who has quit their job to follow their dream, I couldn’t have read it at a better time. Thanks for sharing!

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