Mother's Day Afternoon Tea

Lucy Gray

Want to have Mother’s Day at home this year but still want to make an effort? Why not make afternoon tea for you Mum/Mother figure at home! What’s great about afternoon tea is that apart from the tea everything can be made in advance, which means less time in the kitchen for you and more quality time with your Mum. You can also make afternoon tea on a budget, or be a little more boujee with it! (Champagne anyone?!)

Doodling Lucy Mothers Day cards


Now of course you can pop down to your local supermarket and pick up some sandwiches (M&S do specific afternoon tea ones) if you don’t want to make them, but if you are some things to get right!

  • Make them finger sandwiches, cut off the crusts and cut into finger sized sandwiches
  • Have a variety of breads, for no reason other than it makes it look a little nicer!
  • Be careful of wet ingredients and soggy bread - cheese and tomato is a classic filling but also has a tendency to make the bread nasty and soggy if it’s left for too long - so if you’re making in advance be wary of what fillings you go for!

Cakes/Savoury Treats

  • There are plenty of options for smaller cakes when it comes to the cake part of the Afternoon Tea - whether you bake them yourself or pick up some bits in the local bakery here are some nice and easy options!
  • Mini Brownies
  • Viennese Whirls 
  • Macaroons 
  • The tubs in M&S/Waitrose/Tesco are great for afternoon tea!

Who says it has to be about cakes? I am a huge savoury girl so if you or your Mum are like me here are some options:


Again whether you choose to bake them yourself  or buy them is up to you but make sure:

  • You warm them slightly, there really is nothing like it!
  • Have clotted cream at the ready, whether you go for before or after the jam is up to you (it’s before)
  • Make sure to get her favourite jam!

Setting the table

It’s easy to make a nice table scape when it comes to Afternoon Tea! There are lots of little things you can do but makes all the difference!

  • Put your cream and jams in little jars/ramequins all those Gu pots you’ve been saving just in case? It’s their time to shine!
  • Arrange the sandwiches so that they are mixed up, make sure she knows there are plenty of fillings not just one!
  • Find some nice napkins - (I suggest Doodling Lucy ones!) but you can also find pretty paper ones in the supermarket!
  • Pop some flowers on the table - you can’t have a Mothers Day afternoon without some flowers brightening the table!
  • Write a mini menu, or you can make one on Canva if you’re feeling up for it!

Doodling Lucy Mothers Day Afternoon Tea

There we have it! The main thing is getting to celebrate your Mum/Mother figure so if it's not picture perfect do not worry - it really is the thoguht that counts! (and that the cream goes on first) 

Lucy x 

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