Terms & Conditions

Gift Cards

These terms and conditions relate to virtual gift cards purchased via Doodlinglucy.com:

  • E-Gift Cards are virtual products in an email format. When buying a Gift Card on Doodlinglucy, we will send an “instant” email with a code on a printable PDF to the buyer’s chosen email address.
  • We do not take responsibility for incorrect entry of a receiver’s email address, so please make sure your send instructions are correct!
  • Gift cards are available to purchase in Great British Pounds Sterling and Pence only.
  • Doodling Lucy cannot amend the amount on a gift card once it has been created so please make sure your chosen amount is correct. However you may purchase additional gift cards if you wish to increase your amount.
  • All gift cards will have an expiry date exactly 12 months from the date of creation.
  • Gift cards can only be used to purchase items and products which are on Doodlinglucy.com and cannot be redeemed against commissions. 
  • Doodling Lucy cannot cancel, refund or exchange a gift card once it has been gifted.
  • Gift Cards must be redeemed on doodlinglucy.com and cannot be used at events or markets.