Backing British Farming

Growing up in a small rural village and spending the majority of my school holidays on my Grandparent’s/cousins’ farms I have been surrounded by the agriculture sector nearly all my life. However it was only after leaving for University in Liverpool that I truly realised its importance and how much I missed the countryside and the rolling green hills of home. 

Coming home from university I spent two years working in the local pub, speaking to local farmers, game keepers and others in the agricultural/rural sector I realised just how much hard work, time and effort goes into providing the nation with food to put on the table. Something we take for granted every. Single. Day. 

We don’t know of the stress over the weather, the long, hard, lonely days. The changing food standards, the low, unfair supermarket prices. We just pick up the food from the shelf, the food that is always there and sit and enjoy it everyday without thinking of where it is coming from and what someone had to go through to get it to our plates. 

When building Doodling Lucy and deciding what my core values were I knew that backing British farming would have to fit in somewhere. Through the use of my illustrations and calligraphy I hope to open conversations surrounding what it is to work in agriculture and the importance of backing British farming and our farmers.