About Doodling Lucy

Doodling Lucy drinking a cup of tea


Oh hey! I'm Lucy the illustrator and business owner behind Doodling Lucy. When I'm not running around the English countryside you'll find me creating beautiful hand-drawn stationery and homewares, perfect as gifts, for yourself, friends and family. 

Doodling Lucy began back in 2016 after many years of creating hand-made cards, gifts, scrapbooks and much more for family and friends. Rather nervously an Instagram account was created to show case my illustrations and cards, with no idea what to call my handle I rather haphazardly chose the name Doodling Lucy and the name has stuck ever since! 

2018 saw a brief hiatus in Doodling Lucy's growth, spending a year in Australia I kept a sketch book with me, painted as much as I could and even managed to complete wedding stationery from the other side of the world.

Jump to 2020, when the pandemic hit and I was put on furlough from my full-time job. I was able to put the much needed time into Doodling Lucy as a business. This was the real turning point where it went from a 'side hustle' to my full-time career.

Today Doodling Lucy is a place to find both illustrative stationery and beautiful homewares, based around three core values:

  • Backing British farming
  • Removing mental health stigma
  • Sustainability

These core values can be seen throughout my work and the charities that Doodling Lucy continues to support. 

Thank you for taking the time to pop onto my website and see what Doodling Lucy is all about! I hope you have a fab day. 

Lots of love, Lucy x

If you'd like to discuss working together please get in touch. For all general enquiries please email: info@doodlinglucy.com

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