A cup of tea with Farmhouse & Home

Lucy Gray

As you may or may not already know, I have teamed up with the wonderful Hannah from Farmhouse & Home to bring you two beautiful cushion designs perfect for your country home. 

I thought this would be the perfect time to sit down with Hannah and find out about how her business Farmhouse & Home came to be...

Hey Hannah! First of all thank you so much to agreeing to collaborate with me, I am so, so happy with the way that these cushions have turned out and I just know our customers will love them too! 

Okay so lets get down to it, how did Farmhouse & Home come to be? When did you launch?

So I launched Farmhouse & Home in August 2021. It was something that I wanted to do for a long time and lockdown gave me the opportunity to pursue it. I have always dreamed of having my own homewares collection and I’m very happy I bit the bullet and started it. I love creating and making, it’s the best feeling to see my products in your homes! 

Hannah makes all of her products by hand in her farm studio in Devon 

How did you become a upholsterer?

I studied upholstery from 2015-2018 at Tresithick Upholstery near Truro in Cornwall. I originally wanted to do furniture restoration but decided to do this course as it was close to my boyfriend! I enjoyed it so much I did the full course over 3 years. After completing the course I moved to Devon and started working for a local upholstery company before starting my own business. 

Is Farmhouse & Home your full time job and if not what else do you do?

Upholstery and soft furnishings has been my full time job on and off over the past 6 years. I am also a swimming teacher which I have done on and off since I was 16. I also work on my fiancés dairy farm with milking and calf rearing. Never a dull moment but I love to be busy! 

Why should we support British farmers?

Marrying a dairy farmer and living on a dairy farm I get to see first hand the hard work and long hours in all the crazy weather the UK throws at us. 365 days a year, no days off. I believe it is important to support British farmers as the UK has the highest health and welfare standard in the world. British farmers pride themselves and their produce. Their animals are so well looked after, 24/7 every need is met. Farmers are so passionate about their produce and supporting this industry allows them to thrive and grow their businesses as well as contributing to our economy. 

What makes the Doodling Lucy x Farmhouse collaboration so special?

I was very excited when you contacted me about collaborating, having followed you since pretty much the start I was keen to work on a project together. Farmhouse & Home and Doodling Lucy work well together because of our mutual love for the British countryside, British farmers and sustainability. As well as our ‘country charm’ aesthetic. 

Why do you think it’s important to create sustainable products?

Sustainability is so important because you are setting an example for other businesses and customers alike. Using recyclable packaging and products with natural fibres not only extends the life of the product but also makes it easy for the consumer to be sustainable too. 

What would be your dream product to make?

If I had all the time in the world I would love to make my own clothes. Practical, beautiful clothes made with cottons and linens that complement the rest of my products. Maybe one day...

Amazing! Thank you so much for being apart of this collaboration, I am SO excited for customers to get their hands on them! 

The Doodling Lucy x Farmhouse and Home cushions will be available to buy on the 2nd May at 6pm BST, there are just 5 of each design so be sure to mark it in your diaries! See you there! 

Lucy x 

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