Savoury Toppings For Pancake Day

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Now, as you maybe aware - Pancake day is one of my favourite days of the year, why? I'm not sure because yes, I'm an adult and yes,I can have pancakes any day of the year, but there is just something about having a whole day dedicated to it. It's amazing. 

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Tradition in my family growing up was to have a very light meal in the evening and then as many sweet pancakes as we could possibly fit in for pudding (theres a reason they call in Fat Tuesday in France). But as i've grown older I have changed this to making the entire evening meal focused around pancakes - with savoury to start and sweet to finish. 

Savoury pancakes is always met with a quizzical look by the hardcore sugar and lemon pancakers but I am here to give you inspiration and to let you in to the joy of a savoury pancake with these incredible toppings...

1. Spinach and Brie 

No need to cook the spinach, the heat from the pancake will wilt it and the brie will begin to melt - heaven! 

2. Pesto, Chicken and Feta 

Fry off the chicken until fully cooked, mix with a dollop of pesto, mix in the feta and add to your pancake - add some chopped cherry tomatoes for some freshness.  

3. Hot Honey and Halloumi 

Mix together honey and your required amount of chilli flakes, fry the halloumi until cripsy, top pancake with halloumi and drizzle with the hot honey. 

4. Ham and Cheese 

A simple classic which you just can't beat! 

5. Smoked Salmon, Soft Cheese and Dill

Chop a handful of dill and mix into your soft cheese, layer onto the pancake with strips of smoked salmon. 

6. Avocado and Bacon

Fry the bacon until crispy, chop into small pieces, smash the avocado with some lemon juice, salt and pepper add in the bacon bits, mix and spread onto your pancake.

7. Basil, Tomato and Mozzarella 

Layer up the ingredients, roll and enjoy!  

Why not incorporate savoury items into the batter? Add spring onions into your mix for extra flavour, crumble in some feta or go back to basics with some grated cheddar. 

Tried any of them? Have more suggestions? Let me know! 

I'm off to make some pancakes! 

Lucy x 

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