Galentine’s And The Importance Of Friendship.

Lucy Gray

Yes it maybe called ‘Galentine's’ but this one is for all friendships out there too! One of my  childhood friends recently bought me Dolly Alderton’s book ‘Everything I Know About Love’ and I was surprised to find out that one of the main themes was on her love for her friends.

She says,

“Maintaining friendships takes the same energy as nurturing a marriage, and we all need to invest”

which I can’t agree with more.

Now I’m very lucky to have a strong set of both female and male friends, however having made them in all sorts of places (school, university, college, travelling, work the list goes on!) I find it ever harder to keep in touch and invest time in them.

Luckily social media, instant messaging and FaceTime has made It ever easier to keep in contact and allow friends to remain close even if certain things get in the way (a 12 hour time difference!).

However, no social media post, text or voice note will match a good old fashioned hand-written card. A physical object that will stand the test of time.

My Galentine design this year is to celebrate non-romantic friendships. Just because you don’t have a partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife etc does not mean you can’t express love this Valentine's!

Head over to my shop to find this one and let your BFFL know how much they mean to you. Get soppy with the message inside, (it’s left blank so you can go to town!). Bring up your favourite memories, write down the time they made you laugh till you cried, let them know what makes them an amazing friend. Just don’t buy them all, I need to send some to my gal pals!

Lots of love



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