How to make your own Doodling Lucy Christmas crackers

Lucy Gray

Doodling Lucy christmas cracker

I am a big fan of Christmas crackers but what I'm not happy with is the amount of plastic that goes with shop bought ones! So last year I decided I would make my own! I hadn't designed any of my own wrapping paper back then but I knew that when I had, I would definitely make crackers with them! 

They are super simple to make and look so pretty on the festive table, here's how to make your own eco-friendly crackers.

You'll need:

  • Loo rolls (one per person and then two extra)
  • Wrapping Paper 
  • Ribbon
  • Cellotape
  • Scissors 
  • Cracker bang (I bought mine online but they can be found in craft shops too!)
  • Any extras - a joke, christmas hat, chocolate, conversation starter whatever you like!

Ribbon, scissors, wrapping paper

1. Begin by arranging 3 loo rolls joined into one long roll together in the wrapping paper. Cut a rectangle around the rolls - enough that when you fold the sides together they are fully covered.

2. Bring the long side of the rectangle over and fasten with a small about of tape.

3. Gently bring the outer two rolls out ever so slightly to allow a small gap between the rolls to appear, twist either end and push together to form the cracker shape. 

Cracker being twisted

4. Remove the outer two rolls, fill the inner roll with your extras (hat, joke, chocolate) and insert the snap, attach the snap to one end of the paper with a small amount of tape. 

5. Tie two ribbons in the pre-formed twists to keep the cracker together, and that's it! You're very own homemade crackers! 

Doodling Lucy christmas cracker

Let me know how you get on over on Instagram @doodlinglucy5 or email me your finished crackers at I would love to see them! 

Find the Christmas wrapping paper that I used here - it is beautifully thick and fully recyclable! 

Lucy x  

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  • Elizabeth Prather on

    Loved this!!! Will try this year!!! Thanks.

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