5 Must Haves For The Perfect Picnic

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This week is national picnic week here in the U.K and to celebrate the launch of my picnic inspired collection Splendid Strawberries I am bringing you all the best things about picnicking and the joy it brings! 

1. Picnic rug/blanket

Now I'm normally terrible for being the one to forget something to sit on, que soggy bottoms, ants in your pants and nettle stings where you just don't want them. This year I have finally got myself a waterproof picnic blanket (the one from M&S) which I keep in the back of my car incase I fancy a spontaneous alfresco meal when I go out (plus I'll never lose it knowing its in there!). One day I'll invest in a really fancy wool one! Here are a few of my favourites at the moment...


2.  Picnic hamper 

Now we all know the famous Fortnum's hamper, which if you are feeling fancy or want to treat a loved one are great. But if you are on more of a budget here are some lower priced, but still fabulous alternatives!


3. Good bottle of something 

No picnic is complete without something to quench your thirst. I love Balfour English sparkling wine. But if you're after something more family friendly/ non-alcoholic then I also love Belvoir elderflower cordial with sparkling water and a sprig of mint - so refreshing! 

picnic blanket, english sparkling wine, flower bouquet  

4. Something to keep your drink cool 

Whilst we are talking about drinks, lets talk about one of the most important parts of a summer picnic - keeping your drinks cold. Is there anything worse then taking a sip of a luke warm beverage? Absolutely not. Good thing that Chilly's bottles have us covered, keeping cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours (all day and night picnic? We are up to a challenge!). I was given mine as a gift and absolutely love it, coming out of the sea for a beach picnic I know no matter how long it's been sat in the sun it will still be cold - and it's much better for the environment than plastic bottles, a win all round. 

5. The perfect picnic outfit 

2021 saw the return of gingham in the fashion world and I am not sorry for it. I have been all over the gingham prints in my wardrobe! The best thing about gingham? It comes back into fashion every few years so there is no need to worry about it ever going away for too long! 


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