In Which I Make A Website & Start A Blog...

Lucy Gray

Oh hey! It's me, Lucy, I'm currently sat at my desk thinking "What on earth do I do as my first blog post?!". If you're sat here reading this (or maybe you're standing who knows!) then you probably found me via my instagram. Thanks for popping onto my website and taking the time to find out what's going down!

So what have I been up to? For the past few weeks, after the Christmas madness, I've been building my website. Which I've been SO excited about. This was always the plan, to use the 'down' time after the Christmas sales to really focus on my website and where I want to go with Doodling Lucy in 2020. With Christmas chocolates in one hand and my B in GCSE I.T in the other, I sat down and decided to just go for it! 


This has definitely been a learning curve for me, It's one thing having creativity and enjoying painting and drawing but taking that passion and building it into business is another. There's so many different aspects that need to be thought of when building a website, things like shipping information, SEO and hyperlinking (thank goodness for Google and Youtube!). Having enough, good quality photos (so many I've gone through I've thought "Really Lucy? You took that? That can't go on a swanky new website!"). 

Rather than put a filter on Doodling Lucy I would much rather have you all join me on the adventure, through the bad and good and see what it's really like for a 20-something year old to be starting her own business. So I will try and be as honest and as open as possible! I want this to be fun but also truthful, so much of what we see today is sprinkled with fairy dust, made to seem beautiful and perfect. I want everything to be perfect but I just know it won't be! 

So without any further ado, I shall get on with the show...


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