How To Make An Easter Table In Your Home

Lucy Gray

Easter table adorned with Doodling Lucy napkins, easter eggs, mini eggs and hotcross buns


Easter is just around the corner which is a perfect opportunity to bring some freshness into your home. An Easter table is a beautiful way of welcoming in spring after a long winter. With fresh greens, pastel coloured florals they are a joy to behold. 

Start off your table with a pastel coloured, freshly ironed table cloth or runner, place your table settings for the number of guests you are having over.

Doodling Lucy wellies print with daffodils

Then adorn the table with miniature decorations, whether that's pastel coloured mini eggs in ramekins or little chicks and Easter bunnies tucked away between the crockery. 

Mix and match your jugs and jars and fill them to the brim with different florals. Think tulips, primroses, daffodils from the garden. If you are picking wildflowers be sure to make sure they are allowed to be picked and you're not picking any English bluebells! 

doodling Lucy Easter napkins wildflower

Finish with a set of Doodling Lucy wildflower napkins on each plate, we love making Easter bunny decorations with eggs, these can be swapped for chocolate or wooden eggs whatever takes your fancy!

With the smell of the fresh daffodils in the air, lambs bouncing around in the fields, the sound of friends and family coming together over a meal, Easter is the perfect time to look forward to new beginnings and to appreciate what we already have.

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