The Importance Of Reaching Out This Mother's Day...

Lucy Gray

Mother's day, or Mothering Sunday for most is a day celebrating how fab Mum's are, because let's face it the majority of Mums are amazing. They go through so much just to care and look out for you.

However, just like any other holiday or celebration focused around love, this time of year can bring pain to many. 

Now i'm not saying not to celebrate it, but as important it is to let your Mum know how much they mean to you, it is also important to reach out to friends and family who may this time of year particularly difficult. 

Maybe you know someone who has recently lost their Mum, or maybe someone who is desperately trying to become a Mum and it might not be working out. It could be someone who has lost a child or someone who's relationship with their Mother isn't so great. 

beautiful, brilliant, brave, love you card

Beautiful, brilliant, brave card perfect to let someone you know you are there for them.

I can't imagine how any of those situations must feel like, however I do know that being surrounded by Mothers Day cards, presents, etc must make any of these situations even more raw/painful. 

Something as simple as a text or card letting your friend/work mate/cousin etc know that you are thinking of them and that you are there if they need you could be all that it takes to make a difference. 

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Life can be tough and sometimes all it needs is someone to reach out to let you know you're not alone to make things a little easier. 

Hope you all have a lovely week, 

Lucy x

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