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So we know that the best way to avoid food waste and to save money when it comes to food shopping is to have a meal plan in place.

But how do you go about planning your meals? Here are some simple pointers to get you started...

  • Create a menu - Get out all of your favourite cookbooks, browse the internet, Tik Tok, Social media for those recipes you've been wanting to try and create a menu for the week.
  • Use a planner to work out when to have each meal  - Sometimes cooking needs to be worked around your schedule, if you have circuits on Thursday you may need a lighter meal before exercising. You may be back late from work one evening and need a quick meal waiting for you to heat up. Planning around your schedule stops you from getting a take away or just snacking! 

The Blossom Meadow meal planner is perfect for sorting out your weekly menu, find it here

  • Look for seasonal recipes. It's well known ingredients that are in season are both cheaper and taste better. Research what is in season in whichever month you are in and base recipes around those ingredients! 

Seasonal Food

Research what is in season to find cheaper and tastier ingredients!

  • Be sure to use leftovers. Think about how you can use leftovers. If you’re  having a roast on Sunday you know you may have left over meat that could be used in a salad etc on Monday. Plan ahead with the leftovers you know you will have to avoid any food waste. 
  • Make use of your freezer - Almost everything can be frozen (double check online if you aren't sure), so any food which may get left over or is not needed can be put away to be taken out on the days when you need a meal quickly! 
  • Avoid going to the supermarket when hungry - The best time to go food shopping is after you've had a meal. We've all been there, walking round Tesco absolutely starving and adding in snacks we want there and then but don't actually need. Going shopping with a concise list and food in your stomach stops you from buying any unnecessary snacks. 


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