How To Support Small Businesses In Difficult Times.

Lucy Gray

So here we are into our second week of non-normal normality. It's weird, I don't like it, but we are in it now, and we are all in it together!

Shopping small independent business is definitely coming back, and that's one of the best things to come from this awful mess. I really hope it continues when we are back to normal!

That being said, I get it. Shopping small tends to be more expensive, and sometimes getting a card from Tesco, or buying that notebook on Amazon will probably be cheaper.

You feel guilty, you want to support people from small businesses, you want to make the maker "do a happy dance" (yep we've all seen the post!). But things at the moment aren't normal, incomes might not be the same as they were and you're not sure what is next for you or your job. 

However, there are plenty of things you can do which supports local, small businesses without spending that last £15 in your bank, (Yes I do know how much I have left in my account, bank there is no need to text me to remind me of my over night allowance thank you xo). 

Things you can do to help without spending any money include: 

1. LIKE their social media posts, even if it means you're liking it on Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest. They won't find it repetitive, it's the easiest thing to do and helps content to be seen by the right people. By people who may be in the position to buy their stuff! 

2. SHARE their posts, help get their products to be seen by more people! Show your friends why you like what they're creating.

3. COMMENT let the maker know what you like, this helps them know what to create more of! Even just an emoji can help content be seen, algorithms are making things increasingly harder for small businesses! 

4. TALK about us! Next time a friend mentions they're looking for a wedding invite designer suggest a small business. Encourage others to use local businesses, let them know where to find them. Direct them to their website, instagram, shop. It all helps! 

thank you in stamps next to a keyboard and apple mouse

There we have it 4 easy ways to help out the person who is chasing their dream without spending any money. No need to feel guilty, we can't use small businesses for everything - just yet!

Now go get liking and sharing!

Lots of love

Lucy xxx


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